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Security Gates FAQ

Frequently asked questions about automated gates.

Do I need to hire an "electrical contractor" for an automated gate system installation?

Yes. For your protection, Washington State Law requires that anyone you hire to do electrical work must be a "Licensed Electrical Contractor". Guardian Gate Control technicians are fully licensed & approved to work on all of your electronic security needs.

How do I let visitors in when the gate is closed?

Visitors can enter a three to six digit code that will dial your home telephone. You open the gate by pressing #9 on your telephone keypad while you are talking to the caller.

How do emergency vehicles (Fire Dept., Ambulance) get in when the gate is closed?

Strobe lights on emergency vehicles automatically open the gate.

How do repair people, contractors, delivery people, etc get in?

You may give them a "Utility Code" which will be programmed specifically for their need. Example: delivery companies can be programmed for access from 9:00 am to 4:00 PM only Monday- Friday.

Can the gate remain open during certain hours?

Yes. Hours of operation can be adjusted to your specific needs and/or requirements

Will the gate close on my car or a pedestrian?

NO. Safety standards require automatic gate systems to have at least two mechanisms to prevent entrapment.These provisions are similar to the standards for automatic garage doors. The provisions governing automatic gate systems, adopted by UL in March 2000, require a sensing device that will reverse the gate if it encounters an obstruction when opening or closing; a secondary sensing mechanism, such as an electric eye or an edge sensor, that will reverse the gate if an obstruction is detected.

What happens if the power goes out?

With an optional battery back up, the gates will open & remain open until power is restored.

What is a service contract & why should I have one?

Your automated gate system needs service on a regular basis. Regularly scheduled maintenance will extend the operational life of your equipment and at the same time give us a chance to detect eminent equipment failure. This decreases the likelihood of damaging failures.

Our service technicians are thoroughly trained to service & repair the majority of all automated gate systems. If you opt for a maintenance agreement, we will schedule a technician out to the site for an initial inspection.